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Essilor Kappa Ctd Manual

Essilor Kappa Ctd Manual: A Comprehensive Guide for Lens Makers

If you are looking for a high-quality patternless edger that can handle any type of lens and frame, you might want to consider the Essilor Kappa Ctd. This device is designed to provide fast and accurate lens edging with minimal waste and maximum flexibility. In this article, we will explain the features, functions, and benefits of the Essilor Kappa Ctd, as well as how to use the user manual for optimal performance.

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What is the Essilor Kappa Ctd?

The Essilor Kappa Ctd is a patternless edger that can edge any type of lens and frame, including high-base, grooved, drilled, and polished lenses. It can also perform customized beveling, chamfering, and retouching. The Essilor Kappa Ctd is equipped with a touch screen and a barcode reader for easy operation and data entry. It can also connect to the Essibox, a software platform that allows you to define jobs, share data, update the edger's memory, and access online guides and support.

What are the benefits of the Essilor Kappa Ctd?

The Essilor Kappa Ctd offers several advantages over other patternless edgers, such as:

  • High precision: The Essilor Kappa Ctd uses advanced optical sensors and algorithms to measure and edge lenses with accuracy and consistency. It can also adjust the diameter, position, and shape of the bevel, groove, drill-hole, and chamfer according to the frame specifications.

  • High speed: The Essilor Kappa Ctd can edge a lens in less than two minutes, thanks to its powerful motor and diamond wheels. It can also perform simultaneous operations, such as beveling and grooving, to save time and energy.

  • High flexibility: The Essilor Kappa Ctd can handle any type of lens and frame, regardless of the material, thickness, curvature, or design. It can also perform various types of finishes, such as flat-edge, high-base, groove, drill-hole, polish, and chamfer. You can also customize the parameters of each operation to suit your preferences and needs.

  • High quality: The Essilor Kappa Ctd produces smooth and polished edges that enhance the aesthetics and comfort of the lenses. It also minimizes waste and rejects by using optimal cutting strategies and avoiding overheating or chipping of the lenses.

  • High connectivity: The Essilor Kappa Ctd can connect to the Essibox platform via an ethernet or USB port. This allows you to access online guides and support, update the edger's memory, define jobs, share data with other devices or sites, and print workshop documents.

How to use the Essilor Kappa Ctd manual?

The Essilor Kappa Ctd manual is a comprehensive guide that explains how to use the edger in detail. It covers topics such as:

  • The descriptive diagrams of the edger's components and accessories.

  • The first steps to turn on and off the edger, use the touch screen and keypads, and access the edging screen.

  • The edging process for different types of lenses and frames.

  • The configuration settings for time, date, language, connections, screensaver, screen brightness.

  • The adjustment settings for diameter, position, shape of bevels/grooves/drill-holes/chamfers.

  • The maintenance and servicing procedures for autotests, checks, calibration, statistics, technical history, tool change or cleaning, window cleaning, wheel dressing.

  • The technical data for edger specifications and environment requirements.

  • The general information for symbols, modifications, declaration of conformity, copyright, materials, safety instructions, electromagnetic waves.

  • The glossary for technical terms.

The Essilor Kappa Ctd manual is available in PDF format and can be accessed via a QR code from the introduction guide or from the Essilor Instruments USA website. You can also print the manual or save it on your computer for future reference.


The Essilor Kappa Ctd is a patternless edger that can provide fast, accurate, and flexible lens edging for any type of lens and frame. It also offers high-quality finishes, minimal waste, and easy connectivity with the Essibox platform. To get the most out of the Essilor Kappa Ctd, you should read the user manual carefully and follow the instructions and tips provided. The manual will help you understand the features, functions, and benefits of the edger, as well as how to configure, use, and maintain it properly.

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