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Water Colour Florals.HEIC

 "I'm interested in exploring the intersection between art, spirituality, wellbeing, business and life ~ A philosophy that values an intergrated approach to creativity, self-expression, leadership and holistic healing for both humans and earth ~ 

Re-discovering what it means to be creatively human..."


Arts Project & Events Management
Creative Business Strategy & Coaching
Digital Marketing & Content Strategy
Digital Art, Branding Design & Online Media Support
Art Commissions & Illustration
Creative Arts Therapy & Meditation
Creative Holistic Lifestyle Design
for Conscious Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs, Social & Environmental Activists, Holistic Healers, Spiritual Practitioners & Radical Change-Makers

 I'm Lilly,





I have a knack for uncovering the 'essence' of what it is you're trying to create and helping you to conceptualise, find the structure, framework, words and visual language to communicate that to your audience or to implement your idea.


With a spiritual approach to life, creative expression and business my work involves tapping into the 'soul' of your business, brand, project, idea or concept and to help visually map it out for you so that your ideas take form and clearly communicates your authentic message to your ideal customers, clients and audience.

My background is Creative Industries - art and design major with performance, events & festivals and visual arts practice as minors in my Bachelor Degree from QUT. Weaving my way through university, other unique creative studies and life experiences - my expertise and strengths lie in concept creation, creative business strategy, events & exhibitions, project design including online courses & workshops, digital media & content creation, community engagement, and branding.


I am interested in working with conscious individuals, business owners and organisations looking to make a positive change and impact with their work, and who are driven and motivated by a desire to see people and the planet thrive and flourish.


Especially people out on the frontiers in the realms of arts, science, wellbeing, business and projects for the earth ~ creating radical social and environmental change, education and personal development, magic & spiritual folk, holistic healers, coaches and wellbeing practitioners - whether you want to sell eco-friendly or digital products online, run workshops and online courses, start a blog or newsletter, create an awesome website, marketing collateral or brand story, or you're interested in putting together an exhibition, creative event or community project ~


I'm here to help you make it happen!

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