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Winter Solstice - Celebrating the Cycles and Rhythms

Happy Winter Solstice blessings to all the beautiful creative creatures that exist here!

Celebrating and honoring the great earth magick and medicine of winter ~ a time of darkness within the womb, the Great mother, a time for witnessing of the Divine Feminine, the sacred container and vessel, the gestation of wintertime, within the dreaming void, resting and nurturing and nourishing for the birth of new life coming in the Spring.

In an otherworldy realm of non doing ~ of sleeping ~ of yin ~ the inner refelction of the soul that brings us back to ourselves, to the earth, to the great mother ~ while the power of her fullest outward expression lies dormant ~ purposefully waiting, inwardly reflecting, nurturing noursihing, healing ~

Until the time is just right, until we are fully ready, to become born again into full bloom to continue the cycle again once more - rejuventated, rested, ready, for the next cycle that lies ahead.

The eternal cosmic dance bewtween the sacred union of opposites - the dance between life and death - that liminal space, where creation exists, in the ebb & flow - the beating of that rhythm, that pulse ~

in the mixing of that spiral dance and alchemy of the flow ~

Blessed be the Deep Winter Time - the Divine Feminine within - and the sacred union of opposites, that carries us in the flow ~

Happy Solstice

Stay tuned for our upcoming online workshop exploring the Creative Cycles and Rhythms, looking at how we can align our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly rituals with the natural cycles of creation for deeper snese of purpose, meaning, effectiveness, productivity and flow in your life & biz.























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