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Virgo Full Moon & Autumn Equinox - Being of Service, Self Care & Letting Go

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The Virgo Full Moon - This Earth sign brings a time where we can look at ways we are being of service for others, and also to reflect on where we may be over stretching ourselves and over-committing to being of service when it actually doesn't serve or nourish us energetically or holistically.

It's easy to sit in the role of the giver and healer, without realsing we may be forgetting to take care of ourselves and our own needs as well.

So take some time to really ask yourself what your needs and desires are, and to stop sacrificing your needs for the sake of others.

You dont always have to have everything put together and organised, and you dont always have to be everything to everyone all at once. It's easy to hide behind our perfectionism, but really all this does is stifle and block our authentic action in the world.

It's time now to take some MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION
To let go of and release those things (objects, commitments, people, clients, responsibilities) that you no longer need and that dont serve you ~

and as Virgo is ruled by Mercury -

Relating to speech and

communication, perhaps this may actually require some authentic communication to those around you (and to yourself) what your needs and desires actually are ~

and to establish new boundaries and rituals that allow you the time, space and energy that you need to nourish yourself and your body first ~ and perhaps you may even need to ask for help from others from time to time!

With the Autumn Equinox coming up this week as well (In Southern Hemisphere) this is a perfect time to reflect on what is no longer serving us, and what we can let go of, and let die - as the leaves begin to fall and decompose back into the Earth

It's those things that we release back into the earth - to the mother - that feeds her, and provides the fuel and fertiliser that we need in order to make space for the growth of new things, ideas, projects, committments, service that really bring us a true sense of joy and peace in body-mind-soul.

Autumn time and the Equinox is a perfect opportunity to start going inwards, to reflect on what our own needs are, to prepare ourselves and our lives around us for the darkness of the winter time coming ahead.

It's time to become more conscious and aware of the ways in which we need to be nourished and looked after. A time to cultivate a powerful self-care practice, looking at our daily rituals and processes that bring us back into a state of balance, peace and harmony within ourselves, so that we can continue to be of service for others in a way that also lifts us and nourishes us, without draining us ~

As Virgo energy can sometimes become over burdened with too much giving and we forget to look after our own needs as well. We must first look after ourselves so that we have the capacity to look after others - not the other way around.

So it's time to collect and gather the rest of the harvest, and to start making those all important plans and preparations for the winter to nurture and nourish ourselves as we turn inward to rest and reflect during this sacred Yin time ahead.

Blessed be ~ and bless this sacred mother earth and her beautiful cycles and rhythms of life, death & rebirth.

Creative Rituals & Art Journaling Activities:

Creating an Altar:

Find a space in your room or house, a special nook or corner or area where you can devote to offerings, meditations, creative journaling time, self inquiry, honoring your-self, creating intentions and positive affirmations, visualisation, divination and oracle readings, celebrating deities and gratidues for life.

Altars are spaces where we can consciously conjur up energy and power around something in our lives. - Like the way we might charge up our crystals under the light of the full moon - we can also charge up our space, our energy and intentions around a particular area in your life or whatever practice or ritual you'd like to create.

Through the process of crafting, weaving magic and rituals in our spaces - we can alter the energetics and flow of our environments and reality around us.

We can explore aesthetics and beauty and the way we curate art in our spaces, to cleansing and de-cluttering, the feng shui, exploring the way lighting and acoustics affects us - including non-visible aspects of reality such as sound and wave particles, energetic and vibrational frequencies - and how subtley and dramatically this can affect our moods, emotions, health, wellbeing and reality holistically.

Start to become really aware and conscious of the earthly realm of matter and object that you surround yourself with becuase the energetic frequency of the things you attract and accumilate around you into your life, impacts you in ways we're not even conscious and aware of most of the time.

Arranging your space according to Feng Shui:

Feng Shui is a form of ancient Chinese mysticism, philosophy, tradition and way of understanding the energetics, mysteries and forces of nature, space and reality in a way that has power, meaning and significance and therefore a knowledge system and framework in which we can learn to understand and listen to and work alongside these natural forces to cultivate abundance, prosperity and harmony in our spaces and in our lives.

Literally translating into 'wind' and 'water' ~ exploring the way energy flows in our spaces and surroundings that ultimately impacts us on many levels ~ physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually...

With origins from Taoist thinkers who idealised and revered nature ~ often thought of as 'a science of observation' ~ seeking harmony with the natural 'way' ~ to align identity and space with the cosmos ~ seeing the magical link between humans and nature and here is where Feng Shui was born.

Basic Concepts & Principles:

  1. Chi ~ Universal Energy ~ Life Force Also known as Qi, Prana, and many other names, is the basic energy that permeates all things. It is the natural flow and order of life and is vital for human existence.

  2. Chinese Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth & Water ~ Working with the specific qualities of the elements and auspicious placement of these around the house can have positive and healing effects on our Chi.

  3. Yin / Yang ~ The basic principle of the sacred union of opposites ~ the dynamic flow and intechange of energy between opposing forces.

  4. The Bagua ~ Developed from the early Lo Map formulated by the observations of Fu Hsi around 1200BC in the Chou Dynasty and then later altered slightly to inculde the 8 trigrams and recognising the flow of movement in cycles as an essential part of earth natural flow.

Observation of the External Environment & Context ~ In classical Feng Shui it takes many years of apprenticeship to gain mastery even in Asian countries where the cultural understanding is much more integrated from an early age. However, we may also adapt an intuitive approach for modern cultures, which draws knowledge from the classical teachings and philosopies and is able to utilise a contempoary contextual application of the principles in a way that is relevant and functional for the person, space and context in which you're applying this knowledge today. As one of the primary principles is to observe the sources of Chi and influences of the external space of the environment and context around you on a larger scale - Looking at the influences of rivers, roads, mountains, trees, buildings, around your home, office or whatever space you're feeling into.

Use of Colour for its Energetic & Vibrational frequencies~

As many know colour is simply a frequency of light that reflects back to us the visible spectrum of colour ~ Colours and their vibrational qualities have the ability to impact our moods and emotions dramatically - and the ancient Feng Shui Masters know this and utilised this to influence the Chi in their homes and spaces.

You can see some of the work we're exploring in THE COLOUR THEORY PROJECT here a study of an architecture of the body that sees our essential nature as beautiful beings of light and colour ~ and a celebration and honouring of who we areas creative beings in all our colour and diversity!

Be aware of Threshold Spaces, Walkways and Thoroughfares, Positioning of Furniture & Clutter ~ In Feng Shui the doors and windows are seen as the 'eyes' of the house where energy and Chi flows more easily ~ so we must be aware of not over cluttering those liminal spaces in the house, as we may unwittingly be energetically blocking ourselves off from opportunities or making ourselves susceptable to intrusion of negative energies in our spaces. Ie, keep the window sills and entry-ways clear, close the front door, try not to place furniture and objects in the path of doorways and thresholds.

It's also an obvious one - but decluttering our surfaces makes such a difference energetically, decluttering our physical spaces, also frees up our mental and psycic spaces as well - and only allwoing into your spaces those things that tell a story and/or bring you great joy and satisfaction having it around. If it's not a FUCK yes ~ then perhaps let it go...

Places of Power ~

There are also specific places we can create and cultivate power and can be perfect places to position alters, furniture and other things in ways that correspond to and build Chi in these areas.

Use of Natural Light and Plants ~

Again, this one seems like a no-brainer ~ enhancing natural lightand use plants to cleanse and nourish our spaces ~ to bring those elements of nature inside can help to generate positive Chi and influence our flow of abundance. It can also help us toslow the energy in the space down and create that sense of peace and calm in our environemnts that affects our nervous system unconsciously.

Here are some books that have supported me in my understanding of Feng Shui and applying the principles in my life

Journaling Prompts:

1. What items, objects, people, places and things bring me great joy, pleasure & sense of satisfaction?

2. What areas, aspects and things do I need to let go of and cleanse?

3. What is going to support and nurture me on this Journey?

4. What am I not seeing or is hidden from view?

5. What areas and aspects may be stuck, stagnant or blocked?

6. How may I be being overly attached or over committed?

7. What do I need to focus on for self care, healing and nourishment?

8.What are my boundaries and practices for protection, grounding & integrity?

8. What authentic communication is needed?

9. What can I focus on that will bring healing & integration?


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