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Scorpio Blood Moon - Lunar Eclipse & Colour Theory Creative Ritual


Total Lunar Eclipse Creative Ritual and Ceremony ~

Sun 15 May from 7pm

A powerful opportunitty to transmute any pain, blocks, stagnant energy, limiting beliefs holding you back from living your best life ~

To release and let die what no longer serves you ~ and embrace the unknown, ever evolving aspect of a new reality, a new-found perspective, to reconnect with our primal instincts, our primal patterns, rebirthing into our innate creativity and cosmic consciousnes.

~ wild, raw, authentic

Anywhere Theatre Festival Workshops and Colour Theory Show THIS WEEK!! (9-15 May 2022)

A deep Inquiry into what it means to be creatively human ~

The Colour Theory Project is a study of an architecture of the human body and the body of the creative universe - that sees our essential nature as beautiful beings of light and colour.

Through movement meditation, creative ritual, live body paintings,

we celebrate and honour what it truly means to be ceatively human

in all our colour and diversity.

A recognition of the divine light that dwells within all of us

through our shared creative experiences of being human on this earth.

Juicy Movement Meditation Workshops

Mon-Sun - 1pm

SCORPIO BLOOD MOON - Total Lunar Eclipse

Creative Ceremony & Ritual

SUN 15th MAY @7pm

Ticket Link: CLICK HERE

Immersive interwoven sacred dance theatre body art that calls fourth the spirit to release and let go - to let die what no longer serves us, so that we can fully transmute, transform, rebirth, regenerate into a new-found sense of freedom, self expression, cosmic consciousness ~

As powerful beings of light and colour ~

~ we dance


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Bless xx

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