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Colour Theory Project - ECHOES Podcast - Interview with Erika Goldsmith - Creative Cycles & Rhythms

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We are so excited and honored to be working with Erika Goldsmith for our upcoming workshop.

Here's our Recent Interview

Introducing Erika Goldsmith-

Our next GUEST FACILITATOR for the upcoming COLOUR THEORY Workshop ~


Happening SUN 27th JUNE from 10am

Erika is an incredible Mover and Movement Maker - with her inclusive approach to Dance with @Bringaplate Dance Company where they are challenging stereotypes and norms of who can dance, how to dance and where to dance.

With a double degree in Creative Industries (Dance) and Human Services (QUT), and completing a Masters in Communication for Social Change at the University of Queensland. She is also a Dance/Movement Therapist in training and completed the Alternative Route Dance Therapy Program at the Dance Therapy Centre in Montreal.

Trained and worked across multiple cultural and contemporary dance forms. Currently performing with Y.C.V an International Street Dance Company in Brisbane and previously performing with Dance Masala, Queensland's premier Bollywood Dance Company. She is founding director of @KineticCollective an organisation that utilises the arts for international development.

You can Find Erika on Instagram @Erikajgoldsmith and Facebook @ErikaJayneGoldsmith

and visit

For More information or to book at Ticket Click HERE

The transformational convergence of the waters of the womb and the fires of creation,

learning to channel our wild and innate creative power and wisdom to realse blocks and embrace our sacred creative energy, sensuality and sexuality. The Raw Creative Abundance of Earth.

Exploring our Creative Life Force Centre, the Innate Cycles and Rhythms of Creation ~ Life, Death & Rebirth, Unlocking Our Emotions & Releasing Creative Blocks. Reconnecting with and Embracing our wild Sacred Bodies, Sensuality & Sexual Energy.

Releasing and cleansing pain, blocks, fears, trauma, negative mindset, stories & energy, self-doubt, & limiting beliefs that have been getting in the way of you stepping into your fierce power as a creative warrior, leader and way shower.

Empowering you to let go of stress, tension, fear, anxiety, release creative blocks, move stagnant energy, disappear toxic negative thought patterns and habits that are limiting you from achieving your goals and living a happy vibrant and fulfilled life.

For More information or to book at Ticket Click HERE

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Brisbane based Dancer & Cultural Community Development Practitioner
Erika Goldsmith - Brisbane Dancer

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