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Pisces New Moon - March 2022 - Accessing altered states, the deep subconscious & dreaming world

The Pisces New Moon is such a watery feeling sign that offers us an opportunity to dive deep within our own pysche and subconscious to connect with those inner dreaming worlds, mystical realms and otherworldy experiences.

Now is a perfect time to start cultivating a conscious practice of regular self-inquiry, deep meditation, dream journaling, convsersations with your higher self, or any other type of practice or modality that is gonig to connect you to that liminal space of the other world and altered states of consciousness.

Learn to explore and connect with the Divine Sacred Feminine aspect - those transformational Yin states deep within the mind-body-soul where creation exists

Find ways where you can connect with, dance and whisper with the mysical and mythical realms, see magic all around you, start cultuivating your own magic through creative play ~ lift the veil to the otherworld and see beyond in between worlds~ within the deep dark unknown ~ the void.

Watch out for confusion, lack of clarity and cloudiness ~ watch you dont get stuck up there in the clouds and in the other words beyond ~ because if you go too far, or you dont protect yourself you may not comeback the same or you may not ever come back ~ so be sure to protect yourself wisely and ground yourself back into the earth if you've been travelling in the clouds and cosmos up there a little too long.

Surrender to the flow of feelings and consciousness and have a deep unwaivering inner trust and faith that this is all by design.

Learn to get to know your subconscious through regular meditation practice and regular check-ins with your self and your subconscious ~ get to know your demons and your shaddows well, so that you can live with them and harness them when needed~ because they aren't going away~ there will always be dark matter in the univese ~ realms of life, thought, consciousness that we will never have the experience of knowing.

There's some stuff out there in the universe that we dont even know that we dont know it exists. That's crazy!! haha Learn to integrate all aspect of who you are ~ including your shaddows ~ because locking them away down there in the deep dark dungeons of thesubconscious mind isnot going to serve anyone any good and definitely wont help you to heal and move on either. So learn to accept who you are, your story and all the things that make you you.

This New Moon Energy calls our deep focus and attention on our dreams and creative visions

A perfect time for creative visualisation on your dream vision, creating a visionboard, starting a dream journal, writing a list of 'moon-shot' goals (A 'Moon-shot' goal is if all things went exactly according to plan and you get to have everything you want and desire)

To access your guided meditation Click HERE

Enjoy connecting with the divine, the magic and the other world through your creative rituals and meditaion practices.

Creative Rituals & Journaling Activities

  1. Conversation with your Higher Self (and left-brain right-brain exploration) This exercise is designed to help you access your deep subconscious mind, and requires you switch off the thinking logical mind and step into the deep intuitive realm of the psyche. This is a time to listen to what your heart truly desires and evoke these prayers and dreams into being through the incarnation and enscription of them through words. The idea is to allow yourself to slip into a meditaion state, conect in with the breath and in your writing hand - you may ask the 'higher self' any questions you like. The response to the questions you wrie with your other hand - the hand you dont usually use for writing with. This allows you to access the subconscious because your words cannot keep up with your thoughts, so you are able to capture the finest train of thought and thread of ideas without using your conscious logical mind.

  2. Start a Dream Journal You may already have a dream journal - or you may not - Here are some prompts for Dream Journaling... Questions to Ask your Subconscious - What area or aspect of this issue is unclear or may be being overlooked? - What is my subconscious trying to tell me? - What adjustments need to be made? - What needs my focus and attention? - What is my hearts true desire? - How may this particular issue become resolved? - What do I need to see here? - What challenges or obstacles am I facing? - What tools are needed? - What is the learning here?

  1. Write a Poem Intuitively Again- this is an opportunity for you to go inward and litsten to the stirrings of your heart and soul ~ and to capture the essence of that through stream of consciousness prose and verse is a wonderfully illuminating and delightful process. So I encourage all who read this, to practice your hand at poetry writing this week to explore your inner romantic.

  2. Create a Vision Board For this one it is ideal to really give yourself a the time to play and explore with this one. This activiy can be done the old-school way with good old magazines, scissors and glue, and you find imags that you'd like to manifest and incarnate into your life and stick them/scrap book them together into a vision of a future reality you'd like to create. So if you desire to have a retreat holiday on a tropical island, you find imagery that is going to support this. you can also do this these day very quickly and easily with a program like Canva- where you can create fun presentation layouts and mood boards very easily with access to all kind of free stock photos and images. I highly recomend Canva for any digital visual design processess - it's a great resource. (You can Check my other Blog article about my favourite online tools and resources for design, business planning & marketing)

  3. Imaginary Lives This exercise is basically an extension of the Vision Board exercise - however rather than collecting together a bunch of imagery that shows your ideal vision for you life - this time you are going to write down 5-10 imaginary lives, that you'd love to have a go at - or experience for a day if time, money, resources and limitations were not a factor and you could try anything. This list is a really helpful clue for you in moving towards some experiences of other realities that you could curate for your own life. For example - if one of your imaginary lives is to be a successful published auther - then perhaps you could find ways to move towards an embodiment of that reality - so you may take up a creative writing class, or start researching what it reqires to get a book published, etc, etc...[Insert Imaginary Lives Here...]

The idea is to have fun with it - so dont be too serious about it - let your imagination run wild for a bit!


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Bless xx

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