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Leo Full Moon: Developing Healthy Pride, Confidence & Self Worth

Allowing that beautiful vibrant radiant energy of fire shine forth from within you like a ray of golden sunlight - like the proud and majestic lion - we too can learn to cultivate a deep sense of inner pride and self worth that radiates out into the world with joy, confidence and creativity.

"To let go of perfectionism and ego to celebrate the beauty of imperfection and authenticity ~ and to follow the vibrant beauty and joy of creativity wherever it flows ~"

Leo - ruled by the Sun is an exuberant force of energy that can motivate us and lift us into action and excitement. Leo loves to be in the lime-light and soak up the sun so to speak - but we must be also cautious of this to not let this become an over-inflated sense of ego and self-righteousness that actually can alienate us from people and community.

Watch where you may be limiting yourself by allowing your pride to get in the way form making a radical, risky or perhaps scary choices that could be empowering or transformational for you.

It's easy to become swept up in our desire of seeking approval and validation from others - from the people in our lives and in our communities, on socail media, etc. When sometimes we may actually be sacrificing our needs, our boundaries, our integrity or even our principles and ethics just to please others, or to look good or avoid looking bad.

It's time now to release this need for outside approval from others and to find validation and worthiness within yourself.

Learn to love yourself for exactly who it is that you truly are - deep down on the inside. To practice letting go of fear, and bodly and bravely step out into the unknown to be seen in your wholeness, vulnerability and authenticity.

To recognise and acknowldege yourself for your talents, skills and expertise - to embrace a vision of yourself that shines your unique light brightly out into the world, and to redefine what success means for you and to pursue that with vigor, creativity and a playfulness like the lion cub or the light of the sun that dances with the muses as she awakens us to oursleves.

Where can you stop hiding who you really are? Embrace your fears and face them head on with courage, acceptance and unapolagetic boldness - like the lion - we can become the rulers of our own stories and narratives.

...and to follow that sense of beauty in your life and all around you is a powerful tool to recognise what is calling to you. Find what really makes your heart sing, what truly lights you up like magic on fire and persue it. Listen to what it is that you're attracted to - people, places, things, ideas, books, videos, articles, messages- and try to see what you are being guided towards - what is revealing itself to you through natural attraction and sense of awe, beauty and wonder in things.

Now is a wonderful time to start practicing or to focus on self-care and beauty routines to boost your confidence & self worth. Inluding practicing positive 'self talk' and affirmations and mantras can help as a way to reprogram your brain and rewire neural pathways.

Ask yourself - are you putting these clothes on, or make-up or products on your face and on your body for your sake? or is it for the sake of others? is it really making you feel good - or is it just to please others? to fit in with the status-quo?

Aks yourself - What are the different masks and costumes that you wear to fit in? (literally and metaphysically) and do you really feel truly beautiful within these masks and costumes? if you answered yes and you do - then that's great - if you answered no - then why? and WHEN is it that you feel the most beautiful?

and if you dont know the answer to that last question, then perhaps taking some time to meditate on what it is that truly makes you feel beautiful in your fullest expression of authenticity and creative self expression. To truly know within yourself what makes you feel truly seen as your brilliant radiant self - not for the sake of others - but for you.




If you feel called to pursue any of this creative visionary and empowering work on a deeper level you can see any of my services - holistic counselling, creative therapies, reiki, tarot and oracle cards, intuitive healing & creative business coaching.

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Creative Rituals & Activities:

Here are some practices and exercises that you can use to boost your confidence and self esteem, overcome blocks, fears, limiting self beliefs and negative programming that's been holding you back from living in alignment with your truth and authenticity.

Mirror Work & Positive Affirmations

I've created a worksheet that you can download here and print or you can type over it digitally.

There are 2 columns in this worksheet - for the 1st one, you are creating a series of positive affirmations and mantras that you can say to yourself throughout the day - or to consciously practice saying to yourself in the mirror.

You can choose to focus your affirmations on anything you like ~ here are some examples that focus on cultivating confidence in who we truly are, and a positive sense of self worth and appreciation for our own beauty. (and the trick with positive affirmations is to use present tense.)

Positive Affirmation Examples:

  1. I am a radiant and beautiful human being

  2. I am worth of being loved

  3. My creativity is valuable and completely worthy of self expression

  4. I am loved and recognised within my community for who I truly am in my authenticity

  5. I am fucking sexy, gorgeous and desirable

  6. I am respected and admired by my peers and community

  7. I deserve to be successful and to make money doing what I love

  8. my joy, passion and creative self expression has a positive impact

- as you're doing this, as you're writing the positive matras down, listen carefully to the little voice inside your head - this little voice will unconsciously start to 'Blurt' out what it really thinks - what you really think of your-self as you say these things. This is key to understanding an revealing what you're negative self beliefs really are - and the first step in decoding and unlearning these insideous and limiting beliefs.

- The final component of this exercise requires us to explore the fullest embodiment of our radient selves by dressing up and exploring the clothes, the beauty routine, the accessoriesthat truly make you feel alive, sexy and gorgeous in your own skin - and to practice a confidence 'pose' saying these positive things to yourself in the mirror.

Practicing this on a regular or even daily basis can be an incredibly powerful and transformational process when we can successfully rewire our self belief into once of self acceptance, respect, love and even reverance and gratitude for the beauty and sacredness of life.

It may seem wierd and silly at first - but trust me - the more you do this - the more you are rewiring your brain with positve self-talk and you will start to encode again in you a new program and mindset - one that is confident, brave, unapologetically yourself, and truly authentically proud of all that you are.

Journaling Prompts ~
Questions to ask yourself and consider...

  1. What am I really proud of about myself and my story?

  2. What makes me feel most authentically myself?

  3. What is it that I may be hiding from others for fear of shame, criticism or judgement?

  4. What am I most critical of about myself?

  5. Where does perfectionism show up for me?

  6. Where am I limiting myself because of fear of the unknown?

  7. What makes me sing with joy and passion?

  8. When do I feel the most beautiful and radient?

  9. What do I need to let go of in order to embrace my truth and authenticity?

  10. What is the story and narrative I am creating for myself?

That's it for now - until next time ~

For more resources, tools, meditaions and lifestyle tips like this and keep up to date with the Monthly Moon Meditations and Creative downloads then Sign Up here to our Monthly Moon Meditation Mailing List



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