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CANCER Full Moon: Developing Intuition & Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Feb 16, 2022


Developing Intuition and Emotional Intelligence

Learn to harness the healing power of the water element within you and around you to heal emotional pain and suffering that may be rising to the surface during this time

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Now is a time to go inward and tune into the flow of the intuitive realm and depths of the psyche and emotional world, the dreaming and subconscious.

Exploring ways we can develop Intuition and Emotional Intelligence as the Full Moon allows us to come into the completion of the cycle, and the letting go and release of what no longer serves us.

We can consciously use the power and magic of the healing waters to cleanse our selves on many levels- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - we can meditate with water and practice sacred water blessing and rituals to cultivate the depth of the unconscious dreaming world and flow of the emotional realm.

It's time now to allow yourself to fully release and let go of whatever hurt and frustrations have been getting in the way of you living your full truth and authenticity.

Priestess of the Healing Waters ~ Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle Deck (Claudia Olivos)
Priestess of the Healing Waters ~ Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle Deck (Claudia Olivos)
Reclaiming our Sacred Heritage as Medicine Women, Healers & Priestesses ~

This card signifies the power of healing. We have all experienced darkness and have come through time and time again. There are lessons you have learned. You have healed and are healing further as you continue to grow and evolve in this lifetime. You have the power to heal and you can help other by sharing ~ together we heal.

Now is a perfect time to connect with the ancient womb wisdom ~ the cycles of life ~ the flow ~ and to heal, release and let go of any risidule pain, resentment, anger, frustration, trauma & grief we may be holding onto (especially in that area of the body) that's holding us back from reaching our fullest potential and vibrant expression

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FULL MOON RITUAL and Art Journalling Activity

Sit under the light of the full moon with a glass or bowl of cool, fresh, clean water.

Take some time to sit and meditate with the water.

Sit with a jounral and practice stream of consciousness writing for 10-20 mins under the light of the full moon - you may invoke positive affirmations, create power and magic with your words, wirte about your emotions, you could write a poem about Intuition. Write to release and let go of anything that may have been coming up for you during and leading up to this time.

You may choose to write, or you may choose to paint or draw - feel whatever creative medium calls to you to play with - but dont think about it too much, allow your intuition to guide you and surrender to the listening and flow of your emotions. Use this time to release what no longer Serves you and cultivate sensitivity to your emotions, the feeling world, the world of dreams and visions.

Now would be a fantasitc time to start a dream journal - start writing your dreams down when you wake up in the morning or during the night. This can be an incredible tool for developing you intuition and learning to listen to the language of your soul and psyche.

Visualise cleasning the water and allowing the water to clease and purify your body, mind, soul. You may listen to a guided meditation of your choosing and allow yourself to go deep within the intuitive mind and subconscious realms.

You may leave the bowl of water out for a longer period or over night to charge up under the light of the full moon if you like, then you can offer up the cleansing spell by giving the sacred blessed water to the garden, the plants & herbs - or you may drink it yourself.

We all have the capacity to shape our realities and change the world - and hold a sacred and powerful knowledge that lies deep within our bones and bodies - the ancestral memories, dreams & wild wisdom. We can learn to listen to those healing messages once again, it's time now to reconnect with the innate wisdom we possess, to heal ourselves and heal this ruptured planet we call home.

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