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Free Eco Conscious Living Guide

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

10 easy tips and hacks for developing a more Eco Conscious mindset

Download HERE

I was having some thoughts the other day abut what it really means to be 'Eco Conscious'?

For me at least....and a few ideas and lifestlye practices came to mind as something we could perhaps strive for if we desire to create a more eco friendly's what came up...

Do You feel a deep sense of love and compassion for all other living things?

The importance of considering our food and waste management systems,

Composting is part of a regular routine and striving to eat ethically sourced local, organic, whole foods, and mostly plant based...

Incorporate a regular practice of sitting still for moments during the day to listen to the world and surroundings

You enjoy being in nature – going for walks, visiting national parks, waterfalls, beach, camping, travel & eco-tourism. You can appreciate the innate beauty in the natural world and have a general sense of awe and appreciation about it?

Sometimes you say hello to the trees, bugs and animals and can even be caught greeting the sun and moon at times?

The process of life and death fascinates you, rather than scares you.

Things like eco-design and low impact lifestlye alternative living scenarios interest you and get you excited. Like the tiny house or van life movements, minimalism, zero waste, or permaculture farming and living in community eco villages.

Appreciating the importance of biodiversity.

You can be spotted at the local farmers markets, bulk and health food stores and organic shops pretty regularly to buy your produce and forgetting your reusable bags in the car is just no longer something you do.

The thought of the amount of environmental degredation, pollution, deforestation, toxins in our food and products and plastic in the oceans and waterways scares and offends you.

There's so much value and benefit in a spiritual way of life and approach to interpreting reality that gives life meaning and purpose.

You find things like the mind-body connection and quantum physics fascinating, and are drawn to ideas and practices like meditation, metaphysics, ancient wisdom traditions, herbal medicine and alternative healing modalities, self- care and personal development, and generally think that a holistic and integrated approach to wellbeing is pivotal.

Regular exercise and yoga is important and enjoyable and keeping physically fit is part of your life.

It’s important to maintain positive healthy and intimate relationships with loved ones. Value non-violence, human rights, cultural diversity, acceptance and tolerance of others. Enjoy helping, contributing and being of service to others, engage in your local community and what’s happening globally.

You like a good informative documentary, book, article, blog, podcast, channel or conversation and think conscious life education is important?

This list is by no means exhaustive, but were just some things that I strive to incorporate into my life and that I value when I consider living an eco conscious way of life...

I also wanted to say that I think it's really important to hold yourself responsible and accountable for the way you want to create your life around you and having high ethical practices and standards is fantasic, but it's also just as important to be flexible with yourself, treat your self with love and respect and forgive yourself when you feel like you might not be living up to your ideal vision of reality and dont compare yourself to others, because no ones perfect, we all make mistakes, we all have lapses and our unique challenges a long the just keep going and do your best each and everyday.

…Let us know what you think, leave any comments below, feel free to be part of the conversation, share your eco-conscious story and journey with us and spread the word about this awesome and inspiring eco-friendly movement!

To download the FREE Eco Conscious Lifestlye Guide, Click HERE!

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