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Emergence Dance Sessions - Freedom in Movement & Embodied Experience

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Here's a piece of writing that I worte after a group movement session and dance class in Brisbane called the Emergence Sessions held at Metro Arts... exporing my personal experience, insights and thoughts....

There's a sense of freedom of expression in movement for me right now. A willingness and acceptance of being in my own body and where it's at right now in both my strengths and limitations.

A playfulness in exploration, testing the boundaries and experimenting with my limits, understanding where that limit is and allowing myself to step further ever so gently across that line each time. The sense of unknown ahead is OK. I am not afraid.

Previously, in a past body of mine, I would have been afraid - afraid of myself, afraid of what I might look like, afraid of what others might think of me. But for now this is not present. I've let go of the need to look good and avoid looking bad. I am in it's purest sense - a free being.

Being here and now - connected - conscious - and at peace in oneness.

It's also worth noting that in my experience and manifesting thoughts, there's still the urge to connect with the other beings present. But now it is through openness and the drive to share meaningful experiences and exchange values.

So to some extent I am still influenced by the other being, still caught up in what others are doing. Finding myself following them, watching them - not judging - but watching, observing, smiling, responding energetically, kinesthetically.

Playing with their energy.

Whether they notice me or not, is not a problem because it's my own inner game with the world.

My own internal dance with the rhythms and energies that surround me.

There also always seems to be a response to the architecture and space around me, around us.

Because there's a physicality to the space around, and we move through it, it's an automatic response, unthinking - experiential.

The elemental forces are at play here, moving me. Creating space for freedom of expression in dance and movement.


The eMErgence artists are: Meredith Elton (Gold Coast), Denise Comba (Brisbane), Sandi Woo (Brisbane) and Emma Wilson (Brisbane)

The eMErgence Project …

…is ready to open the doors and share with YOU.

What is eMErgence? eMErgence is a developing system or method for creative self discovery.

Over the past four months, a collective of artists have met through the generous support of a MetroArts residency to develop a deeper understanding of how dance and improvisation can provide insights and reflections on daily life.

What we have uncovered is a three phase process, where an individual has an opportunity to learn more about themselves through a series of movement and reflective frameworks. How am I responding to the guiding frameworks of the session? What answers arise when I ask myself some key questions? Are the questions relevant or useful to me? How does this inform my own movement exploration and how I might relate to others in the space?

What we observe of ourselves in this process provides opportunities for self-discovery and insight – whether we are a practising artist or not.

Moving is for everyone, not just dancers.

Who is eMErgence for? eMErgence is for those interested in exploring the inner terrains of their mind and body. eMErgence is for those wishing to carve out some quiet, often contemplative, space for themselves and listen to the conversation between their mind and their moving body. eMErgence is for creative artists of any discipline.

It is not necessary to bring a seed of an idea – but if you have one brewing it may just follow you into the space - so be prepared!

Do I need to be a dancer to try eMErgence? No. No dance experience required. Life experience essential.

What do I need to do to prepare for an eMErgence session? eMErgence has been designed to not require any pre-planning. The process asks of you to come with an open heart and a listening ear. To witness with nurturing and support – both of yourself and of others in the space. eMErgence requires you to listen to the responses of your own mind and body and be ready to move, write and share.

What if I want to learn more about eMErgence? eMErgence is experiential and multi-dimensional. It is less about a written explanation (this writing) and more about experiencing it for yourself (in the studio).


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