Deep Ecology - Cultivating an Eco Conscious Mindset

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Being ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Eco-Conscious’ are such trendy things to do these days – it seems like every other person is getting on the ‘Zero Waste’ bandwagon or 'Minimalist' hype. Or at least we seem to hear these words flung around so often now that they seem to have become slightly ambiguous or may have lost a bit of significance and meaning...

Because I don’t think just swapping out your take away coffee cups for keep cups and using bamboo cutlery is the complete story really. I mean, those are some great simple moves you can do to get started, (and I know that’s not all the ‘Zero Waste’ movement is about either, there’s a lot more to it) but there’s more to this story than just reducing waste don’t you think?

Reducing your waste and having less impact on the environment comes from a place of love and compassion and wanting to do good for the world and the other creature in it, but I think that living a life with less unnecessary plastic waste is only one way of incorporating a more Eco Conscious mindset into your reality...So what do I really mean when I say Eco Conscious?

The concept of ‘Deep Ecology’ is an idea that I found resonates with me and I think encapsulates an ‘Eco Conscious’ mindset from where I look at it...

The concept of ‘deep ecology’ is particularly interesting and I feel can be a good starting point for further contemplation and discovery.

Initially introduced in environmental literature in 1973 by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess in an era after the 1960s where environmentalism was emerging out of grassroots political movements. Drengson in his article Some Thought on the Deep Ecology Movement described it as having an ethic of

‘respecting nature and the inherent worth of other beings’ and involves ‘redesigning our whole systems based on values and methods that truly preserve the ecological and cultural diversity of natural systems.’

Some pretty thought provoking and inspiring ideas when thinking about developing more of an eco-conscious mindset, don’t you think? and there’s an enormous amount of resources, articles, blogs, books and literature on this topic now days that I really encourage you to read further if it’s something you find interesting and worthwhile to engage in. I know I do.

I guess what this concept means for me is:

living with an awareness of the deep innate connection we have with nature - the birds, the trees, the animals, the rocks, the mountains, the fire, the rain, and all other beings, including ourselves. Because we ARE nature - we are not separate from it. We are simultaneously one with everything that arises moment to moment. So we must listen to it, respect it, take care of it. Otherwise it dies - and we die. We are one infinitesimal part of this complex interconnected web of life. You. And me. And everything. On a cosmic scale. ..Boom!

You can feel it right down to the chaos of the complex buzzing interconnected world of your own body’s system because we are a complete Eco-System unto ourselves.

The living bugs and bacteria and cells and micro-organisms and even atoms all interacting and exchanging on a micro-cellular level in, on and around your body and in the environment. We have a stunningly intricate micro biome and are completely integrated with it and dependant on it for survival, as it is to you.

I was listening to a talk by Deepak Chopra the other day who was saying that actually our bodies are only made up of 20% human cells, the rest is bacteria! How incredible is that! We are all part of the infinite micro-cosmic biome! I like to say...