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Colour Theory Project - ECHOES Podcast - Interview with Yenenesh Nigusse - ROOT CHAKRA

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

My recent interview with the incredible and inspirational Yenenesh Nigusse

Our Guest Facilitator for the upcoming ROOT Chakra Movement Meditation Masterclass happening this Sun 6 JUNE @Xango Capoeira in Brisbane starting 10am.

You can find & follow Yenenesh on Facebook and Intagram @yenenesh.nigusse

Grounding & centering into our Roots, decoding our patterns of the past & ancestral memory. Reconnecting with the innate wisdom and landscape of our creative cycles and rhythms. Uncovering your calling & purpose in your creative rituals, bodies of work and businesses

This session we will be exploring ancestral memory & wisdom and the innate ancestral wisom we hold in our bodies, mythology, archetypes, dreams, consciousness and deep subconscious realms,

Rewilding our lives, becomming grounded and reconecting with the spirits of the land, our roots in the earth and our unique ancestral heritage and lineages.

Understanding the landscape of our bodies, rhythms, cycles of life, death and rebirth, and decoding our psyche, our maps of meaning and patterns of the past to reconnect with our innate and authentic vibration for profound healing and transformation.

For more information about the Colour Theory Workshop Series and to book tickets visit:

Yenenesh, originally adopted from Ethiopia, is well known as a passionate exponent of dance — not just African styles, but also Latin, and contemporary genres. She began dancing at the age of 8 years old to preserve her culture and has become one of the creative forces behind the Brisbane African dance scene.

She has been at the forefront of multicultural community engagement and helped create opportunities for new Australians to preserve and share their cultures. Yenenesh has endeared herself to literally hundreds, maybe thousands of people throughout Australia and continues to develop a distinct and authentic community practice informed by her own experiences and love of moving.

She is a vibrant facilitator who uses the power of dance to bridge gaps across languages, cultures, and socio-demographic groups.

We are so excited to be working with Yenenesh on this project and looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Thanks for watching!


LIVE MASTERCLASS Intensive - Sunday 6th JUNE from 10am @Xango Capoeira (West End, Brisbane)

for Artists, Creatives, Dancers, Wellness Coaches, Embodiment Facilitators, Yoga Practitioners, Healers, Body Workers & Entrepreneurs


This workshop series is A deep investigation and study into an architecture of the body and the Universe through embodied creative exploration and how we can cultuvate a deeper awareness and connection of our bodies, creative bodies of work and the body of the universe.

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