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Creative Embodiment Practice – Moving your Body, your Life, your Biz – to the Music of your Soul

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I want to talk about what we experience in our bodies on a deep and fundamental level. A big part of what I do is give people access to experiencing and witnessing their wildest dreams come true in reality – consciously and creatively!

Through a deeper connection and understanding of our embodied creative practice, noticing the key mechanisms, patterns and or subconscious programs that run us and our lives – when we begin to really witness what’s going on inside our bodies – and accept it for what it is – in a holistic sense to –

in a way that expands and integrates our notion of body and self to include – not only our physical body, but our psychic & mental bodies, our emotional bodies, our creative ‘bodies of work’, even the ‘bodies’ of the spaces we inhabit – our homes, our offices, our creative communities, our ecosystems –

because all of this affects us – we’re not separate from all of this – if you put poison on your skin it doesn’t just stay on the surface, the cells of your skin absorb and assimilate that into our bodies – and we are absorbing and consuming so many different things in our daily experiences – we are embodying many things each day, sometimes without even being aware of what’s actually going on – just going about our routines, our daily habits and behaviours – without thought or questioning into the impact our choices are having in how we see our lives around us – some are much more conscious and aware of the power and effects we can have in our realities –

we can consciously shape our way through the world by avoiding and letting go of the practices and choices that don’t serve us and moving towards those behaviours, practices and rituals that elevate us to new levels of capacity – we can explore embodiment on micro and macroscopic levels too - from the subatomic world of particles and the quantum field to the vast and incomprehensible far reaches of the scale of our cosmic celestial bodies – let alone the deep dive into our spiritual bodies and other realms of existence that we have absolutely no insight or direct experience with – that area of space or existence that we don’t know exists – we don’t even know that we don’t know it exists – beyond those expansive black holes of other worlds and realms of existence past far beyond the parameters of our perceptions.

Mind Blown!

When you think about it…we’re all really just pieces of cosmic star-dust flying and drifting through space, tiny little bits of spark and ash that have alchemised together to form life as we know it – floating amidst the chaos of time – right here as we speak – as you read this article – creating and shaping our way as we walk and talk and interact – as we make and play our way into existence – crafting and weaving our magic – our creative spells are powerful – in each and every tiny gesture we enact, everything we say, every movement we do, every thought and emotion we embody – it all has an essence – a quality – a vibrational frequency that echoes and reverberates through time.

While I was studying for the course I am completing - Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy with Mind-Body Education - I read this cool piece today about a thing called Cymatics – which has to do with the study of visible sound vibrations – exploring the physical shapes that exist when we observe the frequencies of sound vibrations with physical matter such as water, sand or other substances.

Cymatics show us that a phenomenon called ‘Sympathetic Resonance’ causes sound to create a physical change within a living organism. This means our body’s cells are altered as a result of the sounds around us, more accurately the vibrations that make up the sounds.

You could imagine how incredible this kind of scientific investigation is when exploring the applications of things such as music therapy, sound healing and other kinds of vibrational and energetic healing modalities and practices could be. Huge.

Anyway, I really resonate with these different kinds of ideas - other things such as this concept of Morphic Resonance coined by Rupert Sheldrake: “Morphic resonance is the influence of previous structures of activity on subsequent similar structures of activity organized by morphic fields. It enables memories to pass across both space and time from the past.” (John Horgan on July 14, 2014 – Scientific American)

By switching on to what’s actually going on for you internally – even if it’s only on a physiological level - this can have such an incredible effect on how we choose to show up in the world. Look at some of the incredible research that’s coming to the forefront about the incredible physiological benefits of daily practices such as meditation and creative play – let alone all of the innumerable psycho-social-spiritual benefits as well. Even just our capacity to switch ourselves off from the stress-response - ‘fight-or-flight’ state to one of a relaxed state by lying down for 15mins each day to listen to your body, your heartbeat and become present in your body and aware of your surroundings for a moment – slow down, connect with your breathing – experience what’s happening for a moment. Press the PAUSE button for a moment as my friend Amy from The Good KARMA Effect and Doing Things Differently likes to say.

So what if we could expand our notion of ‘Self’ and ‘Body’ to include all things?

And How can we start creating more high-vibrational embodied experiences both internally and externally – not only our physical bodies – but all the other bodies that make us who we are.

Do you think that would alter your relationships with the people in your life? – would you show more compassion for others? – if they are you – and you are them – how would your interactions look? If you are your house – and your house is full of mess and clutter – or your house is full of certain things that have a ‘vibrational’ or ‘energetic’ quality’ to them – then what kinds of things would you want to bring into the house? What kinds of food would you eat? What would you want your office space to look and feel like? How would that shape your relationship with the animals and environment? I think these kinds of questions are important to consider if we’re going to continue evolving and moving forward in our lives with a deeper sense of connection and meaning in our lives and the work we do.

We can engage in our own process of self-inquiry and enact our own personal sovereignty – you are the one that knows you best – only you can experience what’s going on internally in your body – and we can empower ourselves with this deeps sense of power and inner understanding through things like meditation and creative embodiment practices. We can understand who we are on a fundamental level, connected to our roots, our heritage and identity – and who we really want to be in the world – we get to choose what we embody! And there are all kinds of unique and transformational embodiment practices that we can experience is if are willing to go there and be vulnerable and courageous at the same time – as Brene Brown talks so fluently about allowing our vulnerabilities to come to the surface is the ultimate act of courage – and a practice of many courageous leaders!

And being creative and showing that to others can make you feel incredibly vulnerable – so perhaps just leaning into that – and still just showing up to embody the creative practice can transform us in ways we never expected!

So show up for your selves – do you creative practices – make your art – and don’t ever feel guilty about showing up for your self to embody your innate creative practice and self-expression – it has the power to heal and transform you!

Through this, we can recognise who we are and who we want to be and begin to consciously create and shape the lives we want to live – how we want to show up and make an impact on the world and contribute to something incredible – ‘A more beautiful world our Heart’s know is possible’ as Charles Eisenstein so eloquently puts it –

But we have to show up and embody it – we cant just study it, or talk about it – we have to embody it - everyday! So we must listen to what is it that is calling us creatively?

What are those practices and creative rituals that bring us the most joy?

Ask yourself…

Bless – Happy Creating!


If you’re interested in finding out more about the Creative Consulting and Coaching work I am doing – please reach out!

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