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Conscious Habit Forming with Ceremony & Ritual

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I want to talk about those daily routines and habits that we sometimes unconsciously allow ourselves to slip into when we’re living busy and stressful lives full of various commitments, responsibilities and more.

It is possible that we can consciously create positive healthy and vibrant behaviours by incorporating little bit of ritual, ceremony, gratitude and meditations into our daily actions. A simple thing like enjoying a cup of nourishing tea or burning aromatherapeutic oils while you work can have such a profound impact on how you relate to yourself and the environment around. By incorporating some healthy habits into your daily life can improve your metal state and mood substantially and positivly enhance your well being.

One thing to do is first notice those daily habits and routines that you already do and observe how your mood is, what your inner self-talk is saying, and how is your physical state?

Do you feel relaxed or tense? Feel the effect of the daily rituals that you already take part in.

I encourage you to start consciously creating those moments in your life from a state of awareness and allowing space for a bit of ceremony and ritual.

Perhaps you might like to say some positive affirmations when you wake up, or practice gratitude while you eat, try taking the time to listen to your surroundings more, breathing deeply in the bath or shower, or watching how we interact with others around us, whether that’s our partner, children, friends, family, or even strangers.

All of these tiny moments in our lives have an energetic quality to them that impats our health and how we relate to the world around whether we're conscious of it or not and each moment is an opportunity to practice conscious awareness and presence.

It's also not only or physical body and brain health, but our mind as well, our emotions and even our soul and spiritual fulfilment is affected by all of our tiny little actions, thoughts, dialogue and beliefs.

When you shift to see the sacred and profound in the mundane and trivial and start practicing awareness and gratitude for all those little moments in life whether good or bad, all of this anxiety and pressure falls awaybecause you become open and in control of what you're doing and how you're being in the world.

By reprogramming your negative habits, beliefs and behaviours to form new ones that feed and nourish your soul, gradually you see steady growth and development. Positive healthy habits are more easily implimented and your mindset begins to shift to a happier, stronger, more resilient version of you. You start feeling more energy during the day because it’s not spent dwelling in negative thoughts about the past or the future, and you start to invest time into you, to self-care, to being with loved ones, doing the things you're passionate about that makes you feel fulfilled.

With this new expanding awareness comes your relationship with the outside world and how you choose to impact it to create your reality and manifest your goals and dreams.

You can practice things like meditation and journalling in the morning to set up your day. Think about what you want to achieve for the day and work towards setting realistic and achievable targets.

If you know you want to start reducing your plastic footprint, but feel it’s so completely daunting when you begin to consider how plastic has infiltrated your life that you put off doing it, or just shove it to the back of your mind so you don’t have to consider it, why not approach it like breaking it up into lots of smaller tasks or categories and create a ritual of being truly in the present and considering everything where you're at.

Today you start on the kitchen and figure out what are the items I am currently purchasing that have plastic packaging and I am going to make a list of plastic free alternatives to these products - so making that list becomes the conscious ceremony that you do - you become fully aware and present in that moment of doing that task. That might be your first step and that’s all you do today towards that goal, and that's OK - at least you’re moving forwards and that’s positive, no matter how small it may be perceived to be, so recognising the positivity of that simple moment.

The process of becoming more authentically aligned with your inner vibrant self and consciousness becomes fun and creative when you start to allow the enjoyment of the ceremony and sacred rituals.

I find positive affirmations and mantras really helpful in the morning when I wake up to cultivate happy thoughts, buld my self worth and confidence and focus towards my goals. So as I am lying awake still in bed, I repeat simple words and phrases in my head. Some that I enjoy are: I am whole, I am complete, I am living in vibrant alignment with the universe, I am abundant, I am fully nourished, I am enough, the universe supports me, I am confident and capable of everything I set my mind to. There’s so many!

You can have fun creating ones that are specifically for cultivating an eco-conscious mindset.

I encourage you to try it, give it a go and see how you feel, and notice what habit you start to change. Keep going with it, keep taking small steps towards your goals, and soon you’ll see that those small steps start to merge together to become bigger steps and that impact gets more noticeable. You’re journey becomes easier and easier, more enjoyable, spontaneous, and freeing! So just go for it! You got this.

Check out my Free Eco Conscious Living Guide for 10 Simple Lifestlye Hacks that can get you started on thinking more about eco conscious principles and practices.

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