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AQUARIUS New Moon: Uncovering the Radical Creative Visionary that you are!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What an awesome time we come into as we see the expression of Aquarius New Moon Energy - the water bearer, messenger, bringer of new ideas, clarity of vision & wisdom -

Sharing radical and revolutionary ideas that are the embodiment of our authentic selves, in integrity and alignment with our values and sense of purpose in the world.

Ruled by Uranus - the bringer of wake up calls - breakthroughs and transformation - an iteration of Mercurial energy that heightens the flow of ideas and communication ~ and the genius of the mind...

Now is a time to take a leap of faith on your Dreams and make the vision of reality that you truly deeply desire... to break free of the mould, find ways to rewire and reprogram the mind - and looking at where you may be conceding or compromising your boundaries, values, ethics or sense of integrity just to suit the needs, desires and sake of others.

It's time to let go of the patterns and stories that no longer serve you -

they may have served you once before in your life, but it's time now to release those to make way for new stories and empower us and allow us to come into full aliggnment and expression of our highest self - our dharma - our life's purpose - our Ikigai - our way - - our timelines - our dreaming - our memories - our path... whatever you'd like to call it...

I've created a Guided Meditaiton - for Decoding the mind, our memories, our patterns of the past, to become like a newborn again, free from conditioning and social programming - (or at least we can become somewhat closer to that by practicing these types of meditations - because there are so many layers of programming, bias and conditioning that we have built up over lifetimes and generations.

Ancestral memories, dreams, reflections that lay coded in our bones and blood ~ that we can learn to listen to to undersatnd who we truly are and consciously choose who we'd like to be into the future.

To awaken to the powers of the mind and psyche to reveal the messegaes, insights, and teaching being offer to us during this time.

Perhaps you may have suffered illness, or a crisis, or trauma, or a breakdown, or a break through and you are now ready to heal and step into the expression of your higher self

No longer attached to what others may think of you - with the confidence to share your message and your work with the world - to embody and explore the limitless potential of your Radical Authentic Creative Self.




If you feel called to pursue any of this creative visionary and empowering work on a depper level you can see any of my services - holistic counselling, creative therapies, reiki, tarot and oracle cards, intuitive healing & creative business coaching.

Feel free to check my Services or book a Free 30min Breakthrough Session/Consultation Call

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Creative Rituals & Art Journaling Activities:

I've put together a few helpful resources and exercises that you can use in your practice to overcome blocks, fears, limiting self beliefs and negative programming that's been holding you back from living in alignment with your truth and authenticity.

Life Bubbles Activity

For this activity, I've created a worksheet that you can download here and print or you can type over it digitally.

There are 2 worksheets - for the 1st one, you wirte down key words or phrases for everything that's been manifesting for you in your life right now -

- and the key here is to be really honest with yourself - so if for example - in the finances section - put the actualy amount that you earn and who you earn it from, and what you do to earn money, etc.

- In health/wellness you may put if you are experiencing any health issues or problems arising with your body, mental health & wellbeing, etc

and so on...

For the 2nd worksheet - you write down/journal your vision for how you'd like things to be - the ideal vision. If time, money, resources, place, context were of no issue - what would be the reality as you'd like to see it.

Once you've completed this journaling exercise, you can reflect on these areas, and then start consciously working towards these goals and taking action steps for moving towards achieving your goals and vision in each area of your life.

The 'Myth' of your Life ~

Crafting the Hero's Journey Narrative...

Here's another helpful journaling exercise that can really help to reveal certain aspects about your life and personal narrative and the way we create meaning and story in our lives.

The idea is to write you own personal journey - as if from the perspective of great mythology, ancient history, through powerful archetypes, motifs, dreams & symbols ~

Like the myriad forms of mytholoy we still carry with us today, we can embody the realm of myth - commune with the gods and goddesses so to speak ~ to play in that mythic space where we create meaning and power through story telling and weaving of oral histories, customs and ritual traditions.

To give meaning and significance to ones life, as if playing in the realm of the gods ~ like the Hero's Journey ~ crafting your personal mythology can become a great source of inspiration, personal wisdom and authentic power.

You have 3 segments to complete the narrative - the beginning, middle & end;

The beginning - this is the past - how you started out. It represents the situation of suffering that you faced, the challenge/s you've had to overcome - whatever adversity and difficulties, obstacles and opportunities for growth and learning you have faced.

The Middle - This is the conflict - how you overcame the challenges and adversity. What steps did you take or what tools did you use to face these obstacles? This may be 'the path you took' so to speak - for example: "I was suffering from severe mental health issues - stress, depression & anxiety - and I found Reiki Healing and Creative Arts Therapy as a tool to face my fears and overcome these issues." So the middle is how you overcame the situation of struggle.

The End - This is the Resolution - the story of transformation. What were the results you achieved or outcomes of overcoming the difficulties and conflict. This part of the narrative is like the ideal vision for your future, how the story ends up - or the final ending and conclusion. What your life looks like now as a result of facing those challenges and adversity.

This exercise can be a really helpful tool to uncover what have been those big key moments in yourlife and how that has shaped you into who you are today ~

It can also reveal to you some of the things that are really important to you ~ your values and some of your biggest learnings, insights and take-aways from your experiences

and can also be a great way to create value, meaning and signifcance in everything we do ~ like rewiring our brain to percieve ourselves with the same amount of power and reverance of the gods ~ to hold yourself in such high esteem and regard can be an incredibly lifechange and transformational experience - once that new reality becomes your norm.

Dream Journaling Prompts ~
Questions to ask yourself & answer...
  1. What is my mission and message to pass as a legacy?

  2. What can be released and let go of that no longer serves my higher purpose and creative vision?

  3. How can I feed and nurture my creative vision?

  4. Where am I conceding or compromising my boundaries and integrity to suit the desires of others?

  5. What will support me on this Journey of stepping into and embracing my radical authenticty?

  6. What tools, techniques, modalities, teachings or experiences are going to serve me on this journey?

Decoding the Mind ~

Positive Affirmations & 'Blurts'...

Start writing a list of positive affirmations, this could be something that you deeply desire to be true about yourself or your life or become fullfilled in your life surrounding self image, belief & identity or any area of your life.

For example you may write as an affirmation such as: "I am completely safe, loved and supported by my family, friends and creative community"

... and as you're writing the affirmation down, listen closely to that inner voice inside your head that blurts out an automatic internal response to the affirmation that you just wrote...

Download Here

If your mind is running on a negative programming or limiting self belief - that little voice inside your head might say something like 'as if you are loveable, you dont deserve love".

If something like this is the case, you can use the positive affirmations exercise to consciously rewire your brain and neural pathways to shift out of your limiting self beliefs and patterns of thinking into positive self-talk that is empowering and uplifting and we can use this journaling exercise to uncover and become more acutely aware of what are actually some of the limiting beliefs,that we may need to work through if we are going to be able to relese this block and step through into an empowered positive reality.

That's it for now - until next time ~

For more resources, tools, meditaions and lifestyle tips like this and keep up to date with the Monthly Moon Meditations and Creative downloads then Sign Up here to our Monthly Moon Meditation Mailing List



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