AQUARIUS New Moon: Uncovering the Radical Creative Visionary that you are!

Updated: Feb 16

What an awesome time we come into as we see the expression of Aquarius New Moon Energy - the water bearer, messenger, bringer of new ideas, clarity of vision & wisdom -

Sharing radical and revolutionary ideas that are the embodiment of our authentic selves, in integrity and alignment with our values and sense of purpose in the world.

Ruled by Uranus - the bringer of wake up calls - breakthroughs and transformation - an iteration of Mercurial energy that heightens the flow of ideas and communication ~ and the genius of the mind...

Now is a time to take a leap of faith on your Dreams and make the vision of reality that you truly deeply desire... to break free of the mould, find ways to rewire and reprogram the mind - and looking at where you may be conceding or compromising your boundaries, values, ethics or sense of integrity just to suit the needs, desires and sake of others.

It's time to let go of the patterns and stories that no longer serve you -

they may have served you once before in your life, but it's time now to release those to make way for new stories and empower us and allow us to come into full aliggnment and expression of our highest self - our dharma - our life's purpose - our Ikigai - our way - - our timelines - our dreaming - our memories - our path... whatever you'd like to call it...

I've created a Guided Meditaiton - for Decoding the mind, our memories, our patterns of the past, to become like a newborn again, free from conditioning and social programming - (or at least we can become somewhat closer to that by practicing these types of meditations - because there are so many layers of programming, bias and conditioning that we have built up over lifetimes and generations.

Ancestral memories, dreams, reflections that lay coded in our bones and blood ~ that we can learn to listen to to undersatnd who we truly are and consciously choose who we'd like to be into the future.

To awaken to the powers of the mind and psyche to reveal the messegaes, insights, and teaching being offer to us during this time.

Perhaps you may have suffered illness, or a crisis, or trauma, or a breakdown, or a break through and you are now ready to heal and step into the expression of your higher self

No longer attached to what others may think of you - with the confidence to share your message and your work with the world - to embody and explore the limitless potential of your Radical Authentic Creative Self.




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