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Creative Minimal Interior Design & Styling

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Want to explore new ways to be creative with your spaces with an eco conscious mindset?

Declutter your surfaces and get rid of that stuff that just gets in the way. Always seem to have that one 'junk' draw or you seem to collect piles of things that dont get used very often? Let go of it!

Try sourcing things second hand, repurposing old things and objects that may still be useful - like these old fruit boxes here - or upcycling old pieces of furniture.

Add a bit of colour with plants, they cleanse the air in your space and add life to any room

Display objects that are meaningful to you and bring you joy.

Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything - it's about only keeping those things that add value to your life - like that collection of old books, or your favourite musical instruments, or the stunning hand made mask collection you've been collecting throughout your travels - whatever it is - if you look at it and it brings you a real sense of joy - put it on display in your space.

Think about lighting - light open spaces will naturally feel more inviting and welcoming than those dark dank closed in spaces that make you feel claustrophobic. Subtle differences can make all the difference when it comes to the qualiity of your space. Consider warm yellow/orange lighting rather than cold white/fluroescent lights.

Think about the arrangement of your spaces - Feng Shui - or the balance of feminine and masculine (yin & yang) energies in your room will also enhance your space and make it feel more comfortable. Consider th e'flow' or movement of energy around your space - dont put things that block off walk ways, like corners of tables near doorways, etc.

For more information about my interior design and decoration services or to work with me to clease and declutter your home or office space

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