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Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy (HICAT) is a unique and extremly transformational style of therapy that allows a person to build the confidence and capacity to  uncover the root of their stress, anxiety & other problems and find ways to become empowered to manage and overcome these in dynamic & creative ways.

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Who is it For?

You do not need to be an artist to practice

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy.


Becuase it is process based the work is focused on creative exploration, play, self-inquiry and discovery;

Allowing a safe and enjoyable space for healing

and personal transformation.

Offering enoumous applications within therapeutic settings that can support people suffering from a whole host of common diseases and lifestyle related problems such as:


Stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grieff & loss, disability & aged care, and can aid in the recovery from any type of injury, illness or disease.

How does it Help?

Grounded in science and evidence-based research surrounding the human brain and the capacity that creativity and meditative practices have the power to do within our psychology & physiology.


The incredible benefits seen from practicing Creative Therapies can greatly impact and afffect our nervous system, immune function, digestion, blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, hormonal function, and our ability to cope with stress and disease.


Incuding accessing areas of the brain that govern our ability to communicate and access language, memory, dreams, deep sleep and emotional centres within the brain.

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