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Starting 2021

(spaces are limited - so book now!)

This Group Mastermind Coaching Program

is a unique opportunity for elite-level creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, coaches, creative healers and health professionals and conscious business owners interested in taking their business and lives to that next level.

For anyone seeking to explore the depths of their creative practice,

the far reaches of their inner world and outward creative expression, 

and to push the boundaries and limitations of what's possible 

in all areas of your Creative Life and Business.


This life changing and transformational program demands a high level of committment and willingness to go deep within to access the extremes of Peak Performance - to really be willing to look at yourself, your habits, patterns and behaviours - and to radically shift your mind-set, release fears and negative subconscious programming that is getting in the way of you taking your business to that next level and living your dream life!

Be part of a group and network of creative business owners and professionals out there on the fronteirs of arts, health, science, personal development and spiritual exploration making radical and transformative work for people and communities- a huge part of the value of this program is the group coaching experience where you get to connect and collaborate with other high-level like-minded creatives & individuals and support each throughout the program, offering deeper personal insights, professional develop opportunities, accountability, and sharing of more information, tools, tips and resources for developing your business & mind-set and seeing the results you desire.


But Still not 100% Sure

Book a Discovery Call to discuss if this Opportunity is right for you..

  • Let's have a conversation about where you're at & what your goals are

    30 min

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