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A 9 month Mentorship Progam for Artists, Creatives, Coaches and Conscious Professionals looking to expand your vision and intergrate your passions and joy into your life and business sustainably & in a way that resonates with your true purpose, core values and sense of meaning in the work you do -

So you can make a greater imapct in your life and others!

My aim is to help you reconnect with your own creativity, release fear, blocks and negative energy physically, mentally and spiritually that are no longer serving you and getting in the way of you living your dreams & best version of yourself.

Using Meditation & Mind-set Training, Creative Business Planning Tools,

Conscious Rituals, Habits & Lifestyle Practices that can support you

and lift you up into being the best human that you can be with confidence,

power, authenticity and intentionality in everything you do. 

Here, we explore what it truly means to live a consciously creative life,

in alignment with your authentic and unique form of radical self expression, in harmony with nature and the great cosmic web and dance of life, death and re-birth.

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Curious? But still want to find out more...

Book a Discovery Call!

  • Let's have a conversation about where you're at & what your goals are

    30 min

Are you a high-level creative entrepreneur, coach, consultant, Creative healer or conscious business owner?

Then this is an incredible opportunity for you to radically transform your life and business, to let go of fears, blocks and negative programming that doesn't serve you and is preventing you from showing up in your life

and business the way you truly desire and holding you back from taking your business to that next level!

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