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Are you a high-level creative entrepreneur, ARTIST, coach, consultant, healer or conscious business owner?

 Ready to Radically Transform  your Life and Business? 

(Spaces Limited - by Application Only)

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Incorporating Creative Meditation, Ritual and Intuitive Creative Play alongside Creative Business Management and Marketing Strategies to empower artists, creatives, healers & coaches with the tools and resources they need to create an authentic creative business and brand, becoming fully self expressed, successful and thriving, doing what you love and making a Radical Impact with your work!

let go of fears, release blocks, pain, stress, anxiety, negative patterns and limiting beliefs getting in the way of creating a life and business doing what you love.

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Program Outline

This is an outline of the basic concepts we will cover throughout the program - It is meant as a guide for the exploration of the work, but each experience is specifically tailored to the group's needs and may change as we explore the work on a deeper level and uncover our own stories, challenges and personal interests.

If you are still unsure and would like more information - Book a Discovery Call to discuss


Learning the language and Landscape of your Soul.

Re-connecting with your Sacred Self, Spirits, Ancestral Memory & Innate Creative Wisdom.

Understanding your Elements, your Creative Purpose & Vision. 

Deprogramming your Personal Narrative, Patterns of the Past, Subconscious Programming & Limiting Beliefs.

Making the Commitment to yourself  - Creating a ‘Soul’ contract.

Dream Journaling, Life Charting & Mapping.

Wk 2

Weeding the Garden & Preparing the Soil: Cleansing, Decluttering & Detoxifying your life.

Exploring and Re-connecting with your Innate Creative Cycles and Rhythms.

Consciously Connecting with the Seasons and Cycles of Life, Death & Rebirth.

Positive Mind-Set. Laying New foundations - Re-writing your Narratives and Setting Positive Intentions.

Creating New Healthy Habits, Daily Routines and Rituals.

Tools for finding flow and productivity.

Wk 3 

Creative Embodiment Practices.

Exploring your Creative Energy, Sacred Sexuality &  Radical Self-love. 

Honoring your Sacred Body and the Divine Body.

Expanding Consciousness, Self-awareness and the Notion of Self and Body to Include all of the Manifest Realm. Uncovering your Unique Style and Vibration through Intuitive Creative Play, Dance and Movement Meditation.

Wk 4

Rewilding our Lives.

Home is where the Heart is - Exploring our Relationship to Space and Environment - Deep Ecology 

Consciously Creating our Sacred Space in our Homes, Offices and Studios.

A Minimalist and Eco-Conscious Approach to Lifestyle Design.

Breaking down our Relationship to Waste and Clutter – Cultivating a Waste-free Way 

Wk 5

The Warrior's Way - Building Personal Power.

Tapping into the Creative Fire Within & Finding Light Within the Darkness. 

Exploring our Masks & the Shadow-Self, Dealing with Pain and Trauma.

Reconnectingwith the Vibrant Alignment with our Authentic Self for Wisdom & Healing.

Setting Healthy Boundaries. Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques.

Wk 6

The Sacred Union of Opposites. Balancing Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine Aspects.

Exploring Relationships & Intimacy – towards Self & Other.

Accessing the Divine Feminine - Cultivating Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

Coming from a Place of Service. Creating Masculine Frameworks to Find Flow in the Feminine.

Action Planning & Goal Setting.

Wk 7

Consciously Creating your Life with Positive Intentions.

Meditation as Sacred Discipline & Practice.

Learning to Trust your Intuition & Inner Vision for Guidance.

Refining your Art ‘Conscious Lifestyle Design’ – Life as Art 

Follow your Joy & Passions.

Wk 8 

An Integrated & Collaborative Approach – Creating Community and Social Support Networks.

Implementing your Goals, Boundaries, & Creating Accountability – Both Personal & Collective.

Coming back to making the commitment to yourself and your growth.

Embodying your ‘Soul’ contract every day.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Let go of stress, tension, worries, negative patterns & fear-based decision making


Find & cultivate a deeper sense of balance in your work-life routine

Reconnect with your sacred creative practice & creative calling


 Cleanse & de-clutter the things in your life that no longer serve you

healing your pain, trauma and limiting self beliefs getting in the way of you living your dreams

Reconnect with your higher sense of self, passions and purpose in your life


For a deeper experience of freedom, confidence, holistic wellbeing and fullfilment

in your creative life, work and business

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