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Are you a high-level creative entrepreneur, ARTIST, coach, consultant, healer or conscious business owner?

 Ready to Radically Transform  your Life and Business? 

(Spaces Limited - by Application Only)

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Incorporating Creative Meditation, Ritual and Intuitive Creative Play alongside Creative Business Management and Marketing Strategies to empower artists, creatives, healers & coaches with the tools and resources they need to create an authentic creative business and brand, becoming fully self expressed, successful and thriving, doing what you love and making a Radical Impact with your work!

let go of fears, release blocks, pain, stress, anxiety, negative patterns and limiting beliefs getting in the way of creating a life and business doing what you love.

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Program Outline

This is an outline of the basic concepts we will cover throughout the program - It is meant as a guide for the exploration of the work, but each experience is specifically tailored to the group's needs and may change as we explore the work on a deeper level and uncover our own stories, challenges and personal interests.

If you are still unsure and would like more information - Book a Discovery Call to discuss


Learning the language and Landscape of your Soul.

Re-connecting with your Sacred Self, Spirits, Ancestral Memory & Innate Creative Wisdom.

Understanding your Elements, your Creative Purpose & Vision. 

Deprogramming your Personal Narrative, Patterns of the Past, Subconscious Programming & Limiting Beliefs.

Making the Commitment to yourself  - Creating a ‘Soul’ contract.

Dream Journaling, Life Charting & Mapping.

Wk 2

Weeding the Garden & Preparing the Soil: Cleansing, Decluttering & Detoxifying your life.

Exploring and Re-connecting with your Innate Creative Cycles and Rhythms.

Consciously Connecting with the Seasons and Cycles of Life, Death & Rebirth.

Positive Mind-Set. Laying New foundations - Re-writing your Narratives and Setting Positive Intentions.

Creating New Healthy Habits, Daily Routines and Rituals.

Tools for finding flow and productivity.

Wk 3 

Creative Embodiment Practices.

Exploring your Creative Energy, Sacred Sexuality &  Radical Self-love. 

Honoring your Sacred Body and the Divine Body.

Expanding Consciousness, Self-awareness and the Notion of Self and Body to Include all of the Manifest Realm. Uncovering your Unique Style and Vibration through Intuitive Creative Play, Dance and Movement Meditation.

Wk 4

Rewilding our Lives.

Home is where the Heart is - Exploring our Relationship to Space and Environment - Deep Ecology 

Consciously Creating our Sacred Space in our Homes, Offices and Studios.

A Minimalist and Eco-Conscious Approach to Lifestyle Design.

Breaking down our Relationship to Waste and Clutter – Cultivating a Waste-free Way 

Wk 5

The Warrior's Way - Building Personal Power.

Tapping into the Creative Fire Within & Finding Light Within the Darkness. 

Exploring our Masks & the Shadow-Self, Dealing with Pain and Trauma.

Reconnectingwith the Vibrant Alignment with our Authentic Self for Wisdom & Healing.

Setting Healthy Boundaries. Breathwork and Relaxation Techniques.

Wk 6

The Sacred Union of Opposites. Balancing Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine Aspects.

Exploring Relationships & Intimacy – towards Self & Other.

Accessing the Divine Feminine - Cultivating Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

Coming from a Place of Service. Creating Masculine Frameworks to Find Flow in the Feminine.

Action Planning & Goal Setting.

Wk 7

Consciously Creating your Life with Positive Intentions.

Meditation as Sacred Discipline & Practice.

Learning to Trust your Intuition & Inner Vision for Guidance.

Refining your Art ‘Conscious Lifestyle Design’ – Life as Art 

Follow your Joy & Passions.

Wk 8 

An Integrated & Collaborative Approach – Creating Community and Social Support Networks.

Implementing your Goals, Boundaries, & Creating Accountability – Both Personal & Collective.

Coming back to making the commitment to yourself and your growth.

Embodying your ‘Soul’ contract every day.